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Monday, February 15, 2010


There are some real victories in the last few years for the battle against Cancer, the dreadful disease.we have some decline in the overall death of cancer patients in USA.The good news is that the survival rate is going up. My elder sister has died of liver cancer about 20 years ago without getting any good treatment . My sister-in-law was afflicted with ovarian cancer ,who is in India and being treated by a doctor in Cochin who is an authority in the field and she is surviving for the 11th.year now.I admire the doctor for his professionalism,the confidence he instils in the heart of the patients and his patience to listen carefully what the patient has to say, and the way he treats. He always reads new books and journals and ready to explore new methods and medicines. He has a lot of patients who are surviving many years. Thanks God for having him as my sister-in-law's doctor.
There are some leading edge researches into the causes of cancer and there are new drugs and treatments that have improved the outcomes for patients and have also helped advance radiotherapy techniques that can pinpoint tumors and destroy cancer cells.Hope one day scientists will be able to overcome the mutation of the cells.
If we look back in the history of mankind, there are always progress in our approach to science inspite of obstacles on the way,but always time has proved that we were able to advance in everyfield for man's progress.
Hope scientists will be able to come up with real cures for all kinds of cancers in the future.
George Kurian


J&B said...

you can write here about Nuclear Medicine : This is the modern technique for cancer treatments. (I think so)

georgekurian said...

Thanks. I shall contact a person who is a professional in the field and request her to give some information. Thanks again
George Kurian