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Thursday, May 7, 2009


We have seen in recent times the cost of electricity and gas is going up and we all wonder what is the way to save the energy.We hear a lot for oil drilling bio fuel and solar energy .
As citizens we have to do something from our end. Alternative fuels is a thing we have to turn to in the future but right now we should conserve the energy and manage it efficiently.Long ago in the 1970s, we have gone through almost a same situation as we are in today having faced an energy crisis. At that time President Mr.Jimmy Carter had advised us to conserve and manage the energy and Mr.Brown,the Governor Of California also showed the prudence of conservation and efficiency.How soon we forgot the crisis and become some what lazy and lavish.Within our household and working place,we should show examples of saving energy by conservation.We need to plug only necessary appliances as per necessity and we have equipments to control our use and also new energy efficient bulbs are available.We should also ask for fuel efficient vehicles and appliances. We have the technology for alternate fuels to use it for the future and to make ourselves independent of such crisis which will prompt other countries to follow our examples.
George Kurian

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