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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Kerala is a very beautiful state in India which is one southern most tip of India. We can see sunrise and sunset everyday from Cape comerin(which is now a part of Madras state(Madras is now called Chennai). Kerala has a tropical climate and when I grew up,it was adored with all kinds of plants,trees,streams,canals and water falls.Human beings and animals and birds all had a haven there which was serene everywhere except for the bullock-cart and the loud singing of the birds and also farmers after their daytime work in the rice fields and returning home in the evening. I visited Kerala a couple of months ago and saw a lot changes. Now there is no more peaceful suburb as it was before and did not hear any melodious songs from the birds and not seen a single bullock-cart and saw only FLATS-FLATS. Water water everywhere not a drop to drink and flat-flat everywhere and not a flat to live in peacefully, and not a foot to walk without losing life.!!
When one political party or some in power,others want to pull them down and get into power and vice-versa but no agreement on anything to progress and no project is completed successfully.Parties want power only and a question is not answered ,if we ask what do the parties need to get in power. All political parties, please, if you love your state and your Country India our BHARATHAM,stop bickering and come together and do something good for the sake of poor ,disabled,unemployed and old people who are also citizens of the very country as you all are.This is not a criticism,but a humble request.

By George Kurian for New World

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