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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Only the person who has a deformed or disfigured FACE knows the pain and the shame it brings it to that person's life. Even a person who has a beautiful face will still desire to have a much more beautiful face and then just think the person who has a disfigured face due to illness or an attack from a dog or a Bear. It is reported from London by The Associated Press, that,the scientists have predicted that one day people may be able to transplant 'new face'. Partial face transplant is already successful and in future this is going to be a routine one. This is going to be common as a kidney or liver transplant, one day. A French team of doctors has successfully transplanted the lower face of a man who was disfigured from a tumor and looked monstrous. Now he has new cheeks a nose and a mouth. After six months,he could smile and blink. A Chinese patient was attacked by a Bear,whose face was ripped off. Now he got a new nose,upper lip and a new cheek from a donor. After some months, he was able to talk, eat and drink normally and went home.
As usual, the doctors had to give immune suppressing drugs to prevent the rejection and later adjust the medicine as needed. Another patient was bitten by a dog also got a new face transplanted, though partially.
In some cases the doctors feared whether, the nerves would restore functions,but to their surprise, the brain responded favourably.
Hopefully one day,the people who have disfigured face, may be able to get a new face and live a normal life happily.


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