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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Stem Cells:

We had a lot of arguments for and against about Embryonic Stem Cells, ever since 2001 when the President issued an Executive Order banning the destruction of embryos which has the potential of life. Within the last 8 years, researchers have come a long way and now the scientists are able to revert adult cells to embryonic state. "These induced pluripotent stem cells might soon supplant their embryonic cousins in therapeutic promise" stated by Scientific American in the December 2008 Magazie under "Turning Back The Cellular Clock" written by Tim Hornyak.
In the article it is stated that the Japanese Scientist Dr.Shinya Yamanaka last year led one of two teams that showed that normal human skin cells can be genetically reprogrammed into the equivalent of stem cells. These induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) seem to be essentially identical to embryonic stem cells and posses the ability to become any cell.
If this can be achieved without any problem, these stem cells can hold key to treat many diseases.
We have not seen all the capabilities of the Stem Cells yet ,but we know it will prove a great weapon in healing process.
Researcher Joshua Hare believes medicine is close to a goal long thought to be impossible: healing the human heart, per Science Times of New York Times on August 26,2008. "The way to get there?"Stem Cells.
"These could be as big as antibiotics were in last century" says Hare, the researcher heading up the University Of Miami's new Stem Cell Institute." Stem Cells have the potential to have that kind of impact. Diseases like heart attacks, strokes, Kidney failure, liver failure-we will be able to transition them into things you live with"
Stem Cells, only one -thousandth the size of a grain sand, are the master cells of the body- the source from which all other cells are created.
The most basic are embryonic stem cells, which are "Pluripotent", which means they can divide into any other type of cells, heart tissue,brain tissue, kidney tissue....all 220 kinds of cells that exists in human body. They are controversial because when it is harvested, the embryo is destroyed, ending potential life.
So if Dr. Shinya Yamanaka and other Scientists succeed in their quest without destroying the embryo, the controversy will stop and human beings will see new light into their lives in the near future leading to many wonders which we have never thought to be possible.
Ref: Scientific American Dec.2008 "Turning Back The Cellular Clock by Tim Hornyak
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