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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


(We welcome Dr.Anand Harijith to our Editorial team and we are honoured with
Dr. Harijith's participation in our Publication. Dr. Harijith is a famous Physician ,a scholar and an eminent writer. At present Dr. Harijith is the Vice-President of Indian American Malayalee Community, Of Yonkers, New York , a not-for profit Organization and spends a lot of his precious time for Community work in addition to his professional work. In future our publication will be blessed with many more features from Dr. Harijith. Thanks from New World Family to Dr. Harijith. The following feature is a very important and helpful one for all of us)

"A Few Questions"

1. Is asthma inherited?
Yes ,asthma has a familial trend. If one of your parents has asthma then you have 25% chance of getting the same which increases to 50% if both parents have. But all asthma are not inherited

2.Is asthma an allergic condition?
No, it is not an allergic condition. But asthma can be triggered by allergy to house dust mite or other allergen. It is also related other 'Atopic conditions' such as Eczema, Allergic runnny nose and urticaria.

3. Steroids for asthma- Is that not harmful?
Yes and NO. Inhaled steroids are absorbed only minimally into the blood and hence side effects are not there or minimal despite taking the same over a long period of months.
Steroids ingested orally in full dose results in side-effects when consumed over a long period. But a short course of 5-7 days does no harm

4.In Andhra Pradesh there is fish swallowing which is said to 'cure' asthma. So when there is fish swallowing why should I take allopathic medicines?
There have been many forms of treatment for various illnesses from time immemorial. Some have been later found to have scientific basis and majority not. There are certain entities called "Suggestion " and "Placebo effect".
In suggestion, you tell a person that everything will be OK and he or she feels better ther after.
In medical trials placebo is given to patients or animals. Placebo is a tablet resembling actual medicine but containing no medicine. It is known that many get better on placebo. This is placebo effect.'Karin Kurangu Rasayanam" heals by placebo effect.
My dear friends-That is it for now


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