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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Science: by George Kurian

Cloning A Woolly Mammoth!
Amazing breakthroughs are happening every day. The woolly mammoth is extinct but the scientists are trying to clone the animal to bring it back to life, according to some reports. In the "Time Magazine"December 8th.2008 Mr. Jeffrey Kluger has reported that the researchers have sequenced 80% of the genome of woolly mammoth. This means that there is a possibility the extinct mammoth can once again be born."Serious cloning science began in 1952, when researchers first reported transferring a tadpole nucleus into an ovum and reproducing identical tadpole copies. In 1995 biologist Craig Venter sequenced the genome of the Haemophilus influenzae bacterium, the first living organism whose genes were decoded. In 1997, cloning made stop -the-presses headlines when embryologist Ian Wilmut announced that he had cloned a sheep. Venter grabbed the spotlight again in 2003 when his team became one of two to sequence the human genome.A living woolly mammoth either will or won't ensue, but cloning history any guide don't bet against will." by Jeffrey Kluger
There are more candidated for cloning: Bucardo Mountain Goat which became extinct 8 years ago, Tasmanian Tiger Extinct since 1938, Neanderthal(extinct perhaps 28,000-35,000 years ago, woolly mammoth extinct 10,000 years ago and Quagga a Zebra relative extinct 125 years ago. At present dogs have been cloned and the price is coming down fast. One day every living creature may be cloned including human beings.(I know there may be plenty of arguments aginst it at present.)- George Kurian

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