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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Robo Teacher: The Scientific American in the December 2008 magazine reports,
"Robo Teacher-"Can teaching be mechanized ? B.F.Skinner, Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, believes that it must be if the rising worldwide demand for education is to be met. He has designed and built a number of 'teaching machines' which not only present material to the student (as do conventional audio-visual teaching aids) but continually test the student on the information he is acquiring. Skinner and his associates have used machines of this type in teaching part of a course in human behaviour to nearly 200 Harvard and Radcliffe College Undergraduates"
This is a good information. It is always better to have at least a machine's help for the children, rather than they are left out without anything at all !!
Ref: Scientic American: Robo Teacher- Page 18:
George Kurian
(originally published on 12/02/08

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