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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Private Rocket Ship:

The Star Ledger Wire Service has reported in the Star Ledger Newspaper today December 3,2008 that a private Rocket Ship firm has signed up Passenger for a future trip.
"A Danish adventurer is first in line to ride aboard a privately funded, two seat rocket ship designed by a California rocket maker to fly about 37 miles above Earth.
Xcor Aerospace said yesterday that per Wimmer, an investment banker based in London will be the first passenger aboard Lynx, a space tourism vehicle designed to take off and land like an airplane. He's also an investor in the Mojave. Calif-based company.

Wimmer hopes his flight will come in 2011, after a series of test flights. Officials said tickets are
selling for 95,000 each and reservations have been made for 20 flights"
So one day we will be able to fly in Space Planes which will need only 3 hours instead of 30 hours as has been written in our earlier posting.

I understand that we have a lot of financial problems and we have no time to think such wild flights of fantasy. Always we need progress and when the financial problem is over and in the meantime, if we have break throughs we will be ahead in progress.

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