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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Famous Erumeli Petta Kettu In Kerala: Forwarded By Thomas Philip Ranni

This is a view from Erumeli Petta Kettu, during the Festivals offering Prayers to god AyyappaOf Sabarimala. Many devotees go to Sabarimala through Erumeli and visit the famous Mosque of famous Vavar, a friend of god Ayyappa. The devotees always give offerings to the Mosque
and spend days dancing in the sorrounding before proceeding to Sabarimala. The religious unity in Kerala is world famous. Kerala people respect each other's religion and even show the world that we can co-exist without any fight. It shows a great example in our troubled world. January 14 th. is the famous 'Makara Vilakku' and the light will shine in the sky tonight. Most important day during the festival. We wish all the blessings to be showered upon all the devotees and all; also wish a prosperous and happy New Year to all (New World)

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