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Saturday, January 17, 2009

A FATHER'S PRAYER FOR A SON: Forwarded By Thomas Philip Ranni

(Our Senior Editor Mr. Thomas Philip Ranni has sent this heart touching Prayer. We may read it many times.)


Dear God,

Please help my lttle boy to play the part of a man in this infectious blood-poisoning of nations we call war. Give him the gift of thine own forgiveness that he in turn may forgive me and the rest of my generation who stood smugly by and permitted this senseless and insane thing to come about. Give him the strength to hold fast to his little- boy dreams and hopes and aspirations while all the forces of international evil seek to turn him into an efficient and deadly killer. And if thou dost decree that he shall not come back, then let his end be quick and sudden and sharp and not like that of thine only begotten son who hung upon a cross for long hours far off in calvary. And give him the inspiration of thine own divine wisdom that he may protect and preserve the lives of the men he commands who are fathers of little children and the husbands of young wives and the sons of mothers most of whom are older in years than he. For please remember, God, that he is only nineteen and a Second Lieutenant of Infantry in the Army of our united States.

- Author Unknown

Forwarded by Thomas Philip

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