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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Health: Aging And Fitness

Aging And Fitness: As we grow old, we have to be more careful about our future and should try to keep ourselves healthy. In our society, people are moving like machine and we do not take much time for our fitness. Here in the US within a few years majority of the people will be at least 45 years old. Some of the effects of the aging are, metabolism slowing, invading of arthritis, declining of flexibility and the expansion of wastelines. If we look the whole world, we know that more people are living longer. We should take care of ourselves by walking, gardening,birding,swimming and if possible going on the treadmill etc., We should also try to eat healthy food, get regular Medical check ups and make a plan what will make us keep healthy. Some research will help and nothing is late, start as soon as you can. Good Health in the New Year...Good Luck to all.
Ref:The Futurist Magazine"Marketing A More Healthful Future" By John Sweeney:Page 29 of section 9 published Jan-Feb.2009.
Written by George Kurian for "New World"

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