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Friday, January 16, 2009

Health: Parkinson's Disease: By George Kurian

"Parkinson's Discovery Offers Hope. With Risks:" January 7th.2009 StarLedger reports about Parkinson's Disease written by Carla K.Johnson/Associated Press
that "Parkinson's sufferers who had electrodes implanted in their brains improved substantially more than those who only took medicine, according to the biggest test yet of deep brain stimulation."
The study followed six months and offers hope.The new technique has reduced some tremors and some people are reported to be moving freely for some hours.There were also some side effects for people who had the "brain Pacemakers" the report says including falls. There is no cure for the Parkinson's disease and it affects more than a million Americans.
Hope one day there will be a cure in the future.
The latest findings were published in today's Journal of the American Medical Association.
Kindly get all the information from your own Physician including the latest development.

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