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Thursday, January 22, 2009

INDIA PEACE INITIATIVE: Forwarded By Very. Rev.David Cheruthottil Cor Episcopo

Dear all ,
As we stand at the threshold of one dream being realized in America, a nightmare is continuing to happen in India. Most of us know of the concerted efforts of the Hindutva organizations such as VHP, RSS,Bajrang Dal to terrorize Christians in India, including Kerala. Our website has a lot of details on this. ECFNJ is a founding organization of the "India Peace Initiative" -which is an initiative by a coalition of Indian-American organizations to bring peace and harmony in India. We are not Anti-Hindu, we are Pro-Indian. On 1 Feb, ECFNJ/"India Peace Initiative" is organizing a public meeting to hear about the latest situation, first hand, from RomanCatholic Archbishop Raphael Cheenath who is visiting from Orissa. We have an opportunity to stand up as Indian-American Christians and showthat we are willing and able to unite against radical Hindu terrorism on our Christian brethren in India. Please join us on Sunday, 1 Feb, 2009 at 4pm VENUE: American Martyrs RC Church 79-43 Bell Blvd (corner of Union Turnpike & Bell Blvd) Bayside, NY 11364

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Bishop Dr. Varghese L. Mathai, IICM said...

This is heartening news! We are not anti-Hindu but pro-India. We are Christians who love India and the Indians because of our Indian national origin or more importantly because Indians are an essential part of the "world" for whom Christ our Lord has come to die and to save (John 3:16). Therefore, good Christians anywhere in the world too love India. Christ's love is the source and main inspiration
behind the work of Christian missions in India.

It is a proven fact that centuries of Christian work in India has done tremendous good to the Indian society, especially in the fields of education, culture and charitable medical services--with particular attention to the poor, down-trodden and the under-privileged and their social and spiritual upliftment.

Conversion is a matter of free choice. If any individual or group embraces Christ's love and His way no civilized nation can stop it. See the many Gurus and Swamies who come to the USA and convert people in record numbers to their cults and ideologies. Nobody is persecuted or killed here for their faith or ideologies. Besides, in India, the Constitution allows any citizen "to preach, practice and propagate his or her religion."

Why India should be different? In other words, even Hindus and others of good will can join this Peace Initiative that is sponsored by our Christian friends in USA. With best wishes,

Bishop Dr. Varghese L. Mathai,
Gospel Light Mission International, Florida, USA.