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Thursday, January 8, 2009


The new story Under"Adventures Of Mr. Spencer, The Cat" and the first one of that
"Three Days Under The Bush" will be starting by tomorrow. The introduction to the story is written by Mr. Spencer.
The " Adventures of Mr. Spencer" is a series of short stories and eventually, we will publish all in this publication. It is not a simple 'Cat story' for children, but it is one of the best adventure story series ever written, depicting animals as the characters.
In the first story"Three Days Under The Bush", the bitter enemies, a Cat and a Rat make some truce to live in this world amicably and peacefully. Still , sadly our men in this world connot make peace ? Why not ? We can:We Should:After all, our life in this world is short and not permanent!!
All the stories have been written by George Kurian. All rights are reserved by the author.
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