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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Science : by Nainan K. Varghese: Part-II

( This is the Part II of the Essay written By mr. Naina.K Varghese The Work Done)
Because of the law of conservation of energy, it is necessary to account for energy about a body due to conservative forces, even while part of it may be lost from the body, by inventing imaginary types of energies (without existence) to maintain the total quantity of energy about the body, constant.

Although we know the effects of work-done (or energy, as is believed today) about a macro body and we can observe and measure these effects, at present, physics has no logical explanation to the mechanism of development, transfer or storage of work-done (or energy) about a macro matter body. Alternative concept, put forward by the author of this article in his book ‘Hypothesis on MATTER’, envisages an all-encompassing medium in space. All three-dimensional matter particles exist within this medium and apparently interact through it. That is, each of the matter particles is in direct contact with the medium and separate interactions between the medium and matter particles appear to us as interactions between the matter particles. This phenomenon avoids ‘actions at a distance’, the worst assumption of present-day science. The all-encompassing medium is comprised of two-dimensional lattice-work structures by quanta of matter, in every plane in space. Thus, quanta of matter fill the entire space. Three-dimensional matter (particle) is inert. It is the medium (about 3D matter particles), which cause all actions on them. Three-dimensional matter particles are created by the medium from free quanta of matter, available in any region of space. They are sustained in stable state by their constant motions, provided by the surrounding medium. Due to actions of the all-encompassing medium, under appropriate conditions, smaller matter particles form various types of unions to develop different macro matter particles, like; fundamental particles, atoms, molecules and larger macro bodies.

It is the inherent property of the medium to maintain its homogeneity and serenity. In order to create and maintain three-dimensional matter particles, the physical structure of the medium is distorted by its own gravitational actions. This distortion, in the all-encompassing medium about a matter body, is the work-done about the body. Work-done exists outside the 3D matter particles but they are closely associated with each of the matter particles and unions formed by them. Work-done is produced by physical movements of constituent quanta of matter in the medium. Since it is developed by the displacements of the quanta of matter in the medium, it is tangible and hence the work-done is a real entity.

An external effort acts to distort the lattice-work structure of the medium about a macro body. Due to its inherent property to maintain homogeneity, the medium resists the introduction of distortions by the external effort. This is the reaction. In this way the medium provides reaction, equal and opposite to any action. If an action and its reaction do not balance, system will breakdown. As soon as the action exceeds the reaction, certain permanent work is done in the system by the introduction of additional distortions in the medium about the body. Permanent work remains with the system, in the form of changes in its state (of motion), until it is removed by a work-done in the opposite direction by another action. Any such change in the system is the ‘work-done’ by the external effort (force). As long as an action continues, work will continue to be done about a macro body. If the reaction equals a continuing action, no further work is done about the body. Effort to do more work is present but it is neutralized or balanced by the reaction. Any work-done in a system is maintained steady until it is modified by another action.

Due to the medium’s inherent tendency to strive towards homogeneity, distortions in it tend to spread out or move in the direction of the effort (force). Work-done about a body maintains body’s state of motion. Distortions (work) introduced into the medium about a macro body continue to move in the direction of the force, which caused them. It is the distortions (work-done) which move in the medium, while the medium (as a whole) remain undisturbed. Distortions in the medium move in straight lines. While the distortions are moving, they carry constituent matter particles of the macro body along with them. Unless external forces modify the work about the body, work about a body remains steady and move the body at a constant linear speed (angular motion is a combination of numerous linear motions in various directions). For the same reasons, introduction of changes in the distortions (work) about a macro body has a time delay to take effect. These phenomena give rise to the property of inertia. Inertia is a property of the all-encompassing medium rather than that of matter bodies.

Every basic three-dimensional matter particle is moved by the medium at the highest possible speed (the speed of light) by the medium. While doing so the moving effort exerted by the medium overcomes the resistance to the matter particles’ motion (also by the medium). Millions of basic three-dimensional matter particles constitute a macro body. A macro body, moving through the medium does not experience resistance (or drag) from the medium because movements of its constituent matter particles have already accounted for the resistance by the medium. Hence, whole of an external effort is used to modify work-done about the body rather than overcoming resistance to the motion of the macro body. The medium is able to maintain the linear motion of the macro body at constant speed, without fear of resistance (from the medium) to body’s motion through it.

Distortions (work) in the inherently stable medium strain the medium. This strain, in the medium about matter bodies, is the energy associated with the body. Work-done about a body (in the medium) produces the energy associated with the body. Work-done and energy occur in the medium outside 3D matter particles of the macro body. Energy being a strain in the physical structure of the medium, it is neither observable nor tangible. Energy is a functional entity associated with the real entity of work-done. Energy associated with a body is always proportional to the work-done about the body. They are usually measured by the same measurements and depending on the units used, they are considered numerically equal.
It is an inherent tendency of the all-encompassing medium to maintain its homogeneity and stability. Local distortions vary medium’s density in limited regions. In order to achieve homogeneity, distortions spread within the medium or distortions are transferred from higher distortion-density region to lower distortion-density region. Such transfer of distortions constitutes transmission of work. Higher distortion density on one side of a 3D matter particle creates difference between the distortion-densities on either of its sides.

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