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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Nanotechnology May make a New Revolution In Surgery!!
" General Surgery News" of January 2009 reports that Surgery is going to go small. Really very small !!The instruments will be smaller than red blood cells.Also the drug delivery systems are dwarfed by a single human hair!!
Quoting from the Magazine's ,"It sounds like something out of The Jetsons but this is the cutting edge of medicine today.Nanomedicine-therapeutic and diagnostic techniques that are based on tiny particles one-billionth the size of regular molecules- has moved from the realm of Science fiction into the American health care system."
" About 130 nanotech-based drugs and delivery systems and 125 devices or diagnostic tests have entered pre-clinical, clinical or commercial development since 2005 according to a 2007 FDA report."
In different Laboratories around the world nano-sized medical devices and applications are developed. Some are catheters coated with antimicrobial nanoparticles, detection systems that can pick up cancer biomarkers at extremely low levels in blood serum and nanomaterials that can regenerate bone and cartilage growth. In some labs, surgeons are experimenting -microbots small enough to be injected into the body through a syringe that would head for a specific area of the body and do "surgery". Surgery and medicine may be merging with biotechnology and it may bring in some developments in future.
As time goes, there will be safety standard developed which is necessary. Hope more and more developments will take place in future for the benefit of human beings.

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CynthiaAbegail said...

Dear George,

Thanks for the informative,
succint and logical article about the latest in nanotechnology!
I learned a lot, wonderful!