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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Science:"A New World Is Coming": By George Kurian

The following article is from "The Futurist" Magazine's Jan-Feb 2009 issue reports about the 3-D printing. This is written by Thomas A. Easton, who is a professor of science at Thomas College, 180 West River Road, Waterville, Maine,04901. E-mail This is also from his book he is working on " The 3D Printing Revolution:Social and Economic Impacts"
Quoted from the Magazine:
" A New World Coming"
The 3-D printing revolution may change the world, or at least the world economy: The old information economy will not vanish, just as the smokestack industrial economy did not vanish when the information economy came along. Each new "economy"needs its predecessors, and the design economy requires the information technology to run, just as the information economy needed manufacturing.
Some of the coming changes are positive, and few can object to them. Some are negative, but every one of the negative changes can be coped with, sometimes in ways that provide new opportunities to businesses and individuals. By themselves, the positive impacts of 3-D printing are so much to the good that it is not at all hard to see as much potential as the PC and the Internet had in their time."
Thanks to "The Futurist and Professor Thomas A Easton

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