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Sunday, February 15, 2009


( New World is honored to introduce Mr. ABDUL PUNNAYURKULAM, a very famous writer of stories,novels,poems and almost many branches in Malayalam and English literature. He is also a prominent community leader among the Indian Americans especially among the Malayalees of Kerala State, God's own Country). Mr. Abdul Punnayurkulam has won many awards for his writings and community work. He is holding high positions in LANA(Literary Association Of North America) and got involved in the promotion of Malayalam literature with the Association. We are really happy and blessed that Mr. Punnayurkulam has contributed a great poem to our Publication and hope he will continue to contribute many more features on various topics in the future. The following is a very beautiful and a marvellous poem) New World


Here nobody knows my language,
and I don't know theirs.
Far away, my villagers directed me to this city to
search for a bright, lily flower in a polluted pond.
To reach my destination, I ask people whom I see,
but they don't understand me,
I have to reach the pond before sunset.
I'm in a hurry.
My anxiety scares people away;
the flower is my only life's hope!

Abdul Punnayurkulam

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