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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


(This article is based on some reports in the Star Ledger, our News Paper of New Jersey On January 11th. 2009 Sunday publication.)
We hope there may be a lot of economy and also in the field of Job openings with the election of Mr. Barack Obama as the President. The unemployment rate is high and we have a severe recession but as this publication(NEW WORLD" had reported in earlier editions, please do not lose hope. I believe the new Stimulus package can help many of us and the help the President is trying to give to the home owners who are about to lose their home is greatly appreciable. There may be many criticisms but the administration is trying to help the Country and let us hope that we will surely see some rays of hope soon. Personally I HAVE GREAT CONFIDENCE.
No doubt, we need time to solve many problems and let us work hard with the administration to solve the problems.
Federal Jobs: The Star Ledger on Sunday Jan.11th.2009 says, " While many industries are making cutbacks, the federal government is expected to hire 100,000 employees to work in Washington and all over the world during the next year or so.
That is the good news. The bad news is millions of Americans are eyeing federal jobs every week. And perhaps even worse, some experts believe the federal hiring system is flawed and needs an overhaul right at the time it is needed most.
While the experts admit the odds are stacked against most federal job seekers, there are ways to improve your chances even under the existing system. Among the key tips:Focus on jobs that suit your talents and experience, be persistent, get to know the application process and network, network."
Remember that there are federal employees retired,or leave voluntarily, and new jobs will be created with the passing of the Stimulus bill , the job opening may be expanding., the federal governments's online job clearing house.
Also,where the government posts civilian job openings.
There are openings for everything from astronomers to zoologists.
You should post your resume on but also search job announcements for keywords that describe the kind of applicants the government is seeking.
"More new hires relied on their networks of friends, their relatives, and their federal supervisors and co-workers to learn about job opportunities. Word of mouth is effective not only for some applicants, but also for agencies trying to find high quality applicants. " (quoted from Star Ledger Jan.11,2009 )
So Focus on Your Job Search, Net Work, Keywords, writing a federal resume and applying for jobs are all necessary.
Source/Star Ledger Jan.11 2009/:"Ten Steps to a Federal Job" by Kathryn Troutman,, The Partnership for Public Service
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