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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

RESP.REV. FR. MATHEW M. ZACHARIAH: Forwarded By Thomas Philip Ranni

( "New World" is honored to introduce Rev. Fr.Mathew M. Zachariah who has forwarded us an article about "Atheist's Holy day" a Florida Court decision. There may be many arguments, which are normal for human beings. We breath in Oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide but we connot see oxygen or carbon dioxide but they are essential for our life and we have to use them for survival. We may not be able to see GOD but we feel the presence and we need HIM always irrespective of any religious belief. So the Court decision is very important for us and thanks to Respected Achen for forwarding it to our Senior Editor Mr. Thomas Philip Ranni.)

Father Mathew M Zachariah B.A., G.S.T., TH.M..C.P.E

Orthodox Priest and Spouse Honored by the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights and Dames of Malta (Russian Succession)

One of the oldest religious orders of the world established in Jerusalem in 1048 A.D., held its 960th year of the Order’s anniversary celebration and its annual International Convention in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., on June 21, 2008. During the celebration, the Board of Directors of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights and Dames of Malta, Russian Succession, honored Father Mathew Zachariah with the rank, title, privileges and dignity of “Knight of Justice” of the aforesaid Order. The Sovereign Order also honored his wife, Mrs. Ammini Zachariah, with the rank, title, privileges and dignity of “Dame of Justice” of the aforesaid Order.

Following the presentation of the award ceremony, His Excellency, Lt. Grand Master steven Cooper O.S.J., and His Excellency, the Grand Prior of America, Mark Lehr O.S.J., and Chevalier Joe Blake Esq., President of the Denver Chamber of Commerce, admired the outstanding volunteer service Father Mathew and Ammini Zachariah have rendered the past eighteen years at the Hospice of Saint John in Colorado and to the community at large. Since 1992, Fr. Zachariah has been serving the Grand Priory of America, of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Russian Succession, as National Chaplain. They recognized the couple’s great ministry in Kerala, India among the poor, needy and sick, and their support of some of the orphanages in Kerala.

Father Zahcariah was born the youngest child of Mankoottathil Mathewchayan and Mariamma, Kallissery, Kerala ... After his ordination into priesthood in 1961, he served at a few remote churches in Kerala before he moved to the northern part of India, where as a pioneer he started several new churches in Punjab and in UP. On a student Visa, he came to Denver, Colorado in 1973, with his wife Ammini and their two children,Monikutty and Minimole. Though there were not many orthodox christians in Colorado, with the help of a few people, they build a beautiful church there. At the age of 72, after the completion of the church building, he requested his retirement from the Diocesan Metropolitan, and the Metropolitan graciously granted his request in May 2006. Father and Mrs. Zachariah are enjoying their retirement life, quite often in the company of their children and grandchildren in Morrison, Colorado. Their volunteer work at the Hospice of St. John and in Kereala continues to this day.

Jace Mathews, Houston, Texas

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