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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Science: Scenario 2010: By George Kurian

The future is unpredictable. Anything can happen with or without our knowledge.In the last 100 years, we have seen so many breakthroughs and discoveries which changed the course of human life and the society. Now we can at least predict some of the future developments in various fields.
Scenario 2010: The World Online predictions by The Futurist Magazine of March-April 2009 issue in page 44.
To quote The article, "The waning first decade of the twenty-first century should continue to see powerful advances in information systems and e-commerce. "
There is no doubt that "the world is almost certain to be smarter, faster, and fully wired, setting the stage for the breakthroughs to come. About 2014, for example, it should be common for most people around the world to interact via intelligent PCs, the internet, TV, smart Phones, and global media, translated automatically. Even with the turmoil that is sure to follow, this will mark the serious beginning of a unified global intelligence, what some have forecast as the emergence of a "global brain"- a fine web of conscious thought directing life on the planet."

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