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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Health: Hepatitis C

The following is some information read in "The Star-Ledger" Newspaper Of New Jersey dated
March 3, 2009 written by Dr. Donohue about treating of Hepatitis C answering to questions about the treatment and diet.
"Treatment for hepatitis C consists of two medicines-interferon and ribavirin. Interferon is given intravenously once a week and ribavirin is given orally every day. The combination doesn't cure everyone, but it does provide evidence that a cure has occured for many. No special diet for hepatitis C is recommended. However people with it should be careful about alcohol. They should abstain, or come as close to abstinence as possible.
*For further information contact your own Physician.
*Write to Dr.Donohue at P.O.Box 536475, Orlando, Fla. 32853-6475
*Thanks to Star-Ledger News Paper

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