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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


(The following article is quoted from the Futurist's Magazine's Futurist Update Newsletter for May 2009. This is very helpful for all of us) New World
CLICK OF THE MONTH: EMERGENCY CARE FOR YOU =========================================== Imagine this scenario: Your mom falls on the sidewalk, and a kind passerby calls 911. She's at the hospital now, but the nurses need to know if she's allergic to the pain medication they want to give her. And if she has diabetes. And whether she's on Coumadin. Are you ready to answer these questions on her behalf? Or is a family member ready to answer for you? As the numbers of elderly with chronic health problems grow, the need for caregivers to be prepared for emergencies will increase. Emergency Care For You, a service of the American College of Emergency Physicians, offers tips for what you may need to know or have with you for a trip to the ER, as well as common medical forms to download and complete, such as lists of current medications, medical histories, advanced medical directives, and insurance information. Other tips for emergency preparation: Anticipate that the patient will be admitted to the hospital, so bring personal items and a change of clothes; keep a list of doctors' and specialists' contact information handy; bring something to read; and bring a notebook to help keep track of what happens, since you may be responsible for conveying information between doctors and the patient.

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