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Friday, April 3, 2009


Hypothyroidism is also called Hashimoto's Disease and it is an immune attack on the thyroid gland that over time stops the production of thyroid hormone and leads to hyporthyroidism- too little of that hormone.Dr.Hashimoto, a Japanase Doctor had described it for the first time, per The Star-Ledger article by Dr.Donohue on March 23,2009. Dr. Donohue says "The gland's destruction occurs slowly, so signs and symptoms creep up on a person almost imperceptibly. When they reach their maximum, people know for sure something is quite wrong. They are tired all the time,their skin dries,they are cold when others are warm, they gain weight without taking in additional calories, their heart beats slowly and their hands and feet become puffy. Mensurating women have fewer periods, and sometimes no periods. Constipation is another common sign.Often the gland enlarges-a goiter.
The proof the immune system is to blame can be shown by examining thyroid gland tissue microscopically. Lymphocytes, one variety of white blood cells have infiltrated the gland. In addition, antibodies against the gland are found in the blood. The treatment of Hashimoto's disease is straightforward: replace the missing hormone in pill form. Once treatment starts, signs and symptoms go away."
*** Reference Article Under the TitleHashimoto's Disease on The Star Ledger, March 23,2009.
***Always clarify your doubts from your own physician....New World

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