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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


( We are glad to publish a brief description including our Policy regarding"New World" Publication. Our Senior Editor Mr. Thomas Philip Ranni has given the following information for all the respected readers and writers who are our dear New World Family members. Please give us your suggestions,support and all the help by writing in our publication and referring to all of your contacts. Let us work together to make this publication a real success....without your help we know that we connot succeed.) New World Editorial Board

What is New World Publication?

The New World Publication stands for universal love, brotherhood and international peace and harmony. Our greatest goal is serving humanity with humility and compassion. In addition, New World Publication promotes Health, Science, Art, Music, and Literature. We believe in one God and His amazing love and we respect all religion. Read and realize that the New World Publication is fascinating and inspiring to all.

For New World Family

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