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Thursday, February 25, 2010



I wonder what it would be like if the world had more
rocking chairs? There is a popular restaurant called the
Cracker Barrel that have rocking chairs in front of their
doors for customers to sit and rock while waiting for a table.

Remember when our children were small and we rocked
them when they needed comfort or to help them to go to sleep? I think I enjoyed the rocking as much as they did.

One thing I remember about the rocking chair times of my
life, is that life slowed down. I had to stop all the rushing
around and stop for a few minutes and just rock. The rocking
chair helped me to enjoy the moments with my children. I think that my stress also slowed down when I was rocking in the chair.

I just went over and sat in my rocking recliner and I felt like I
was cozying up to a close friend. It felt very comforting; very soft and safe.

I wonder if God has rocking chairs in Heaven? A rocking chair
where I can spend quality time rocking and talking with Him?
Can't you just see our Heavenly Father, sitting in His rocking
chair with a smaller one for us... His child... talking with us?
What a beautiful and safe picture that brings to mind.

I think today, if I need time to de - stress, I will picture myself
crawling up into my heavenly rocking chair and talking to
my Father.

Abraham G

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