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Sunday, June 28, 2009


(The following article is a quote from World Future Society's Future update of July 2009.Thanks to World Future Society)

MAKING DISASTERS LESS DISASTROUS ================================= The UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction has called on governments and regional organizations around the world to invest in the means necessary to reduce natural-disaster-related deaths by one- half by 2015. Measures recommended for meeting these death-reduction goals, as well as reducing economic losses, include: * By 2010, earmark at least 10% of humanitarian and reconstruction funding to disaster-risk-reduction programs. * By 2011, evaluate schools and hospitals for structural soundness; by 2015, have firm action plans for safer schools in disaster-prone countries. * By 2015, use building and land-use codes to enforce disaster-risk- reduction measures in all major cities in disaster-prone areas. The critical factor will be funding the necessary investments. "Put bluntly, many countries must dedicate more funds from national budgets— or suffer the consequences," according to John Holmes, UN under- secretary-general for humanitarian affairs. SOURCE: International Strategy for Disaster Reduction,

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