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Thursday, July 30, 2009


The difference between a procession and recessional hymn: The procession is a ceremonial formation at the beginning of a Mass involving the priest, the reader, the altar servers, and late parishioners looking for seats while a recessional is a procession at the end of Mass -led by people rushing to the church car park.
VCSA, Melbourne
The Horse and the Hay
A witty priest told us this story...
A visiting priest to the countryside found only one farmer in the local chapel.
He said to the farmer that he intend not to celebrate Mass because of the lack of people. The farmer just requested a homily instead.
Towards the end of his homily, he noticed the farmer snoring already.
When the farmer woke up, he shared the story of his dream.
Farmer: My horse is sick so I only fed it with a small amount of hay.
It was not satisfied,so I fed it with so much hay.
It became worst!

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