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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Possessing money is a privilege, not a right! Most people have an attitude that says they have a right to have money. But the Bible says none of us have the right to possess money, but we do have a responsibility to use it wisely.

Work: Work builds your confidence, develops character and discipline. We should teach our children to work by our example.

Save: A wise man saves. A fool spends it all.
In order to save you must:
1. Have sales resistance. Follow common sense and not your feelings.
2. Do not be guilty of presumption, where you assume the money you spend will show up somewhere, sometime later. Like charging it when not having the money to pay it off right away.


1. KNOW where you are financially.
2. KEEP a written budget.
3. HAVE responsible priorities in your spending.

Pray: We need to ask God to meet our daily needs and be thankful for the way He provides.

According to The Bible we are to be debt free and only owe people our love. When you owe money to someone you became their servant.

How to become free from debt

1. Start with written budget.

Record all your expenses and income totaling your monthly budget. Then begin to live within it.

2. Determine the difference between “needs, wants and desires”
3. Begin to eliminate non essentials.
4. Think before buying.
5. Discontinue credit buying.
6. Avoid leverage
7. Practice saving.

Is lack of money the problem? No. You correct your buying habit and spending habit.
Follow the simple and easy steps shown above; I am sure you will start seeing some20results.

Abraham G

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