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Friday, November 6, 2009


(Reported In "Exploring Tomorrow" by World Future Society)
Exciting !!
Quoted the items below:
"Nanotech Advances In The Next 15 Years:
Five To Ten Years:
*Erasable and rewritable paper for programmable books,magazines and newspapers.
*Powerful computers you can wear or fold into your wallet.
*Bulletproof armor based on nano-biomimicry of mother- of -pearl.
*Light, efficient ceramic Car engines.
*Intelligent hearing aids that duplicate the ear's ability to distinguish speakers.
* Drugs and drug-delivery systems that turn AIDS and cancer into lower-level manageable conditions.
*Smart buildings that self-stabilize during earthquakes or bombings.
*Pharmaceuticals tailored to the individual."
By Clifton Coles In "Exploring Tomorrow" By World Future Society:page 8
**Originally published on 07/19/09. This is a republication. NEW WORLD

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