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Saturday, October 10, 2009


(Some great jokes from our Cynthia today.Thanks)New World
The Smart Wife
Jane's husband went home about 3:00 am one morning,
really drunk.
When it is time for breakfast, Jane asked her husband
"How would you like your coffee: latte, capuccino or
through the veins?"
Flexible Director
Mr. Brown, a distinguished company director has a
fixed routine...
Monday Director to Secretary
"Type this document ASAP."
Secretary: Yes, Sir!
Director to Finance Controller
Submit the weekly finance report.
Finance: Right away, Sir.
Director to Admin Assistant:
Call our new Buyer.
Admin Asst. Certainly, Sir.
Wife to Director:
Wife: Where are you, how about the lawn?
Director: Right away, Darl!

A lady decided to try horseback riding after
many attempts to lose weight.
After an hour, luckily five pounds were off ...
from the horse!

The Prime Minister met Susie's husband.
He declared her home a disaster area!

Judge to a lawbreaker: Are you guilty
or not guilty?
Offender: I thought you guys are
going to decide it here?

John was so pleased with their church
that he donated a loudspeaker...
in memory of his wife!

Cynthia Abegail

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