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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Take What Comes: By Cynthia Abegail


Don't expect perfection for you'll never find it here.
This is earth, not heaven, so with charity and cheer--
take what comes, the good, the bad, and don't
start whimpering -- when you're disappointed with
a person or a thing.

Do not worship idols and complain when you have
found --- feet of clay beneath the robes in which
you've wrapped them round...
Everyone is human. Do not be critical --- when someone
fails. Remember that you too, are fallible.

Keep your ideals in your heart and set your standard
high --- but don't lose faith when things go wrong.

Just let the storm blow by... Do not ask too much of life
or reach beyond your range. Accept and learn to live
content with what you cannot change.

Author Unknown

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