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Thursday, January 28, 2010


All wisdom comes from the Lord,

she is with him forever.

The sands of the sea, the drops of rain,

the days of eternity --- who can count them?

The height of the sky, the breadth of the earth,

the depth of the abyss --- who can explore them?

Wisdom was created before everything,

prudent understanding subsists from remotest ages.

For whom has the root of wisdom been uncovered?

her resourceful ways who knows them?

One only is wise, terrible indeed,

seated on his throne, the Lord.

It was he who created, inspected and weighed her up,

and then poured her out on all his works---

as much to each living creature as he chose ---

bestowing her on those who love him.

* Wisdom only comes from God, the Creator of all things. No matter how

intelligent, creative or gifted a person is, he is bound to give thanks and

glory to Him. The Master is always greater than his disciple!

As King Solomon asked for the gift of wisdom, we may also pray for the gifts

of the Holy Spirit, one of which is the gift of knowledge and understanding.

As such, the gift of awe of God is also a wonderful gift. Just like in the Psalms,

fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

Ecclesiasticus 1: 1-10

Source: Jerusalem Bible, Study Edition. 1994.

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