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Saturday, January 16, 2010


We have heard the sad and tragic news of Haiti,hit by a severe Earthquake. It is really a heartbroken news when we read about the loss of so many people and the plight of hundreds and thousands of people who lost their houses,trapped under the mud in seconds,lost the loved ones.So many calamities had struck many nations in the past in our time. It had happened in the last few centurries and at that time the rescue attempts were difficult due to the lack of communications and transportation. At the present time, so many people from so many Countries have come up with all kinds of help. Thanks to all.God Bless the people who offer all the help in this time of need. We express our sorrow for all the people of Haiti and we earnestly request all the people to pray for them,help them in whatever way possible through the charitable organizations who are helping this nation.  

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