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Friday, February 19, 2010


Symptoms of love and cure:

1. Insomnia (could not sleep till wee hours of the morning)
* Get your grandma's foot tub. Half fill with warm water.
Soak your feet for five minutes, then drink hot milk and
count 500 sheep. Presto, you will be able to sleep!

2. Perspiring hands (especially when you see him or her coming)
* Always carry a small tube of talcum powder. Then apply
discreetly. Shake your hands gently. The scent is also alluring
at the same time.

3. Fast heartbeat
* Do not focus your eyes on your loved one because the adrenalin will
surely rush. Look at the sides first. Then, when you are talking with him
or her, try a few silent breathing exercises to catch your breath. As I
said, do not focus intently as you may faint of uncontrollable heartbeat.

4. Mumbling speech
* Try some speech therapy at home to discipline your tounge beforehand.
When you meet him, compose yourself. Remember, you like to give
a good impression. Nothing turns off so much if you speak like a moron, isn't it?
Look intelligent, for victory!

5. Touching hair frequently
*I know you are fascinated, but just a friendly reminder, put your hands in
your pocket. It is very annoying

6. Blushing cheeks
* It is very obvious,really! Put some pink blush, for girls only! This will
conceal your reddish, supple cheeks. Do not reveal too soon. Play hard to
get, clear?

7. Eyes flickering like the twinkling stars...
* Irises will still reveal. Believe it or not, the cure has not been disclosed.
I guess, relax to cool off...
For the singles, I am sure it will work. For those who are married, please read and
smile but do not try!


Cynthia Abegail

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