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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

TAKE CARE; Cynthia Abegail's Column


Take care of your mind always
That you may remember days
By the amber of your memories
The good times and of weary's.

Take care of your heart today
That I may sleep towards bay
Mindful of such tears and joys
Beneath the quest of thy day!

Take care of dreams tomorrow
That by the clouds that wander
I may ride by the stars in array
Holding my breath as we gaze!

Take care of summer's whims
That the heat will not pamper
Thus overcome love of saga
As water quench thy thirst!

Take care of cold, winter blues
That it may not freeze passion
Of love that floats as a beacon
As waves pound bland shores!

Take care of feisty adventure
That may rob utter ecstasy
Of sheer innocence of care
Panting for breath at the hills.

Take care like a garden rose
That blooms so delicate adiu
Of thorns that prick the heart
But radiate joy of the season!

Take care of thy precious soul
That may swoon to the world
Desire it simple and chaste
To please thy Great Creator!

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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