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Thursday, April 22, 2010



"It seems to be the fate of the young artist to be poor.
The young Albredth Durer and his artist friend solved
their early financial problem this way. Durer was to
continue his study of painting while his companion did
manual work to support both of them. The understanding was that, once Durer is established, his friend would havehis chance to study. But by the timesuccess came to Durer,
his companion's hands were so twisted and stiff that he couldno longer paint.

One day Durer observed his friend's hands as they were claspedin prayer. And Durer had an inspiration. He thought, 'I cannotrestore the lost skill of my friend. But I can show my love and
gratitude by painting their hands as they are now; those hands that express a fine and selfless character.' The result was apainting classic that has earned for Durer the recognition of generations.

How often we take other's hands (hearts, skills, patience, devotion) for granted...
The New Zealand poetess Eileen Duggan wrote a beautiful poem:
You are the hands of Christ, his calloused hands,
Blistered and horny from saw and plane
Before they, in their mercy, salved a pain.
They pulled a heavy boat in on the sands
They were for use, his strong and able hands.
Butcher, baker, milkman, postman --- how dependent we are on one another."

Max Barret

*Our hands, gift of God! Let us use our hands to assist one another with love and care...

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