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Friday, April 23, 2010


Wireless Technology for early detection
( The following article is quoted entirely from The Futurist Magazine : March-April 2010: The source: Toumaz Technology www.

A wireless digital "bandage" that would continuosly monitor patients' vital signs and transmit the data in real time to healthcare professionals is currently being tested in the United Kingdom.
The Sensium disposable adhesive bandage is non-intrusive and affixes easily and painlessly to a patient's chest. Doctors and nurses would be notified instantly of any changes in a patient's body temperature, heart rate and respiration on any digital device, from desktop computers to cell phones. This would enable them to respond faster to any changes or complications. The patient's medical records would also be automatically updated with the data.
The bandage developed by Toumaz Technology, is part of a growing medical trend toward integrating wireless technology in patient care.

Compared to large, fixed monitoring machines, the Sensium digital plaster boasts several distinct advantages. It could enable patients to leave their beds and move about greater independence, shorten hospital stays, and improve the quality of outpatient care.
Just like a regular Band-Aid or gauze wrap, the digital bandage would need to be replaced with a fresh one every couple of days.
Chris Toumazou, CEO and co-founder of Toumaz Technology and the director of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College in London, says, "We're hoping that the plaster will improve the health and well-being of a vast range of patients-from patients on a general hospital ward to people with chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease who want to have their health monitored without having to keep visiting the hospital."
_ Aaron M. Cohen
Source: Toumaz Technology,

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