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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It is a reare chance to see our Zoorjee,the famous writer of jokes. He has travelled to some alien places.He is stuck there. Actually Zoorjee is waiting for his spaceship to bring him back to Earth.Hope the Spaceship will be able to locate our Zoorjee soon, if not the whole crew of New World will start in a new Spaceship to fetch our Zoorjee back to Earth. We need more jokes; Zoorjee !
While waiting for our Spaceship, Zorjee was looking what was happening in our world through his magic binocular.OIL SPILLS!! OH!! 'I am going to help my fellow citizens' That moment our spaceship came driven by Mr. Spencer The Cat, The hero in the series"Adventures Of Mr. Spencer, The Cat"
Mr. Spencer pulled out his magic shovels and in a short time both Mr. Spencer and Mr. Zoorjee helped cleaning up the oil spill in the Gulf Coast.
Now Mr. Zoorjee is on his way to his hometown sitting and chatting with Mr. Spencer,the Cat who is the Captain of the Spaceship.
Thanks Mr. Zoorjee and Mr. Spencer. You two are good Citizens!!
New World

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