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Sunday, July 25, 2010



Have you ever felt that rush of adrenalin as you
enter an airport? An adventure, a new beginning
and a break from that not so boring routine. Pack
your bags and we would visit some of the scenic
spots that will not only give you that excitement
but will usher your mind to a calmer side of
Let's start with the legendary Europe. Imagine yourself
embarking to Paris, famous for landmarks as the Eiffel
Tower. Man never failed to use his talents in architecture,
but I just have a question, how did the Tower of Pisa
leaned finally? Don't just stop there, move to Spain.
I just love those flamencos and ruffles that displays
femininity. O' Madrid, where the heights of learning
and arts once in the history.
How about Rome, where the St Peter's square lies;
but underneath are catacombs of the saints . There's
a reminiscent air of holiness and spiritual venture...
Italy is a lovely place filled with grapevines and
coastlines stretching from end to end (miles, I mean)!
I just love America, one of the frontiers of democracy.
Autumn is just exhilarating with the brownish-orange
leaves fall in array. Whether you are in New York,
Chicago or Oklahoma, each state seems to be unique
in its own way.
The one I would love to visit is Africa. It is a continent
that is mesmerizing and enigmatic! With it's share of
exotic animals, wilderness and strange rivers, why not?
Kenya, they say is just a splendid place with just a
balance of dry land and tributaries.
On the other hand, let us not underestimate the pretty,
azure Asia. Have you gone to Hongkong, women love
this place! Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient Seas,
Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, Singapore, the Tiger
of Asia and the rest?
Australia fair, nothwithstanding it's Down Under boasts
of immaculate coastlines, lush mountains and dazzling
rivers. Just perfect your accent when you say "Saturday!"
It is pronounced differently...
O' Antarctica... I never thought you are so cold down there.
Mind you, not degrees Celsius but degrees Kelvin! I am also
fascinated with aurora australis, beacon of lights---
that's natural wonder.
That's travelling online, but I would suggest--- let us fly
and soar into the world. This is real cutting edge of learning!
Don't forget your i-pod and I-pad and see how awesome is
the world that our Creator provided for us...

Cynthia Abegail
(An excellent article. Though we all have read history, Geography and travel stories, the above article is really helpful for us remember all the important things that are described . It will be helpful for all of us if any writer can come forward and write about each Country with history and geographical features etc.,We welcome anyone for that. Thanks to Cynthia for this eye opening article) New World

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