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Thursday, August 19, 2010


1. Who is the queen who visited King Solomonat the height of his power?
2. What is the animal that is in danger of extinction
in Bangladesh?
3. Into what sea does the Volga river flow?
4. A ten metre-high tsunami swept to this body of
water in Japan in 1923.
5. Which scientific theory involves movement of tectonic
6. What is an acute mental and physical disturbance
related to chronic alcoholism?
7. Who wrote the poem "Shall I Compare Thee to a
Summer's day?
8. A chilblain may occur on the heart, toes, kidneys or
9. What metal is so inactive that it may be used to
assist movement?
10. Dr. Jose Rizal wrote a novel "El Me Tangere." True or


1. Queen of Sheba
2. Bengal Tiger
3. Caspian Sea
4. Sagami Bay
5. Continental Drift Theory
6. Delirium Tremens
7. William Shakespeare
8. toes
9. Platinum
10. False

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