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Monday, November 22, 2010


Science is advancing and our health will improve in course of time with new inventions. Now there is something new with stem cells.It is clealy known that our own skin can be changed to be in a state of embroyinic stem cell which is capable of turning as different organs. The Time Magazine of November 22,2010 has reported about something of a new invention.That is the 3-D Bioprinter.For any machine,it is easy to orfer the spare parts which are mostly available or can be created. Some people are thinking,if we can order the machine parts,why don't we order the body parts ? True.When one loses an organ due to cancer or other disease or by accident,it will lead the person to death.To quote the Time Magazine,"San Diego- based companies Invetech and Organovo have developed what amounts to a dot-matrix printer for human organs. The device, small enough to fit into a sterile biosafety cabinet, consists of two printheads-one that sprays out a gel that forms a sort of armature for an organ and another that fills in that scaffolding with living cells. The printing tip positions cells with a precision within microns.Livers,Kidneys and other replacement components-including teeth- could be built on demand, with no wait for a donor and less risk of rejection, since the cells are harvested straight from the patient. No word yet on a parts-and-labor warrany"
INTERESTING !!So now thefuture look very bright for the mankind.
*** Thanks to the Time Magazine for this article.November 22,2010 week.

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