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Saturday, June 18, 2011


The following report is very important
"Nearly 900,000 Fewer Cancer Deaths Since 1990: Report
Researchers credit trend to better detection, treatment and drop in smoking
By Steven ReinbergHealthDay Reporter

The above report about Cancer says that is on the decline in the United States.The report came in the HealthDay News on Friday June 17th.2011.The report was in the people are living with Cancer. Early detention and better treatments are the reasons for the decline. Between 1990-2007 there were about 900,000 fewer cancer deaths in the United States, according the American Cancer Society reports. Quoted below from the news,
"It's getting better for the majority of cancers," said Dr. Iuliana Shapira, director of cancer genetics at Monter Cancer Center at the North Shore-LIJ Health System in New Hyde Park, NY.
Early detection and better treatments are having an impact on cancer death rates, said Shapira, who was not involved in the report. "More people are living with cancer... We are doing better than we did," she said.
Ahmedin Jemal, strategic director of cancer surveillance at the American Cancer Society, added that a decline in the rate of smoking among Americans is also responsible for the drop in deaths from cancer.
Since 1990, he pointed out, cancer deaths have plummeted by about 22 percent in men and 14 percent in women."
Hope one day we will have 100% cure for all the diseases including this dreaded disease Cancer.

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