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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Law of Karma – “Value Systems for Success”

The Law Of Profit..
Thus, the law holds good psychologically as well. Whatever you give, you will possess and whatever you accumulate, you will lose. You may lose the object itself or you may lose the pleasure of possessing and enjoying it. You identify with people, expand the focus of attention and interest and you consider their needs as you can. Then only you can progress. Not everyone may be able to appreciate and digest this truth. Nevertheless, the law is irrefragable. If you cannot appreciate this law, consider the statistics. Those people who achieved success are through sacrifice.
Wherever there is sacrifice, there is progress – peace and contentment. Wherever there is aggrandizement, there is selfishness and there is deterioration, sorrow and suffering. Therefore, it is crucial to eradicate the selfish desires within the bosom. Be conscious of one’s selfish desires and motives. Being conscious of one’s motives is the first step towards eradication of selfishness.
…to be continued
“Value Systems for Success” By M K Angajan
Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully...the more you give, the more GOD will give you.

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