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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Law of Karma – “Value Systems for Success”

The World – A Mirror House..

The world is like a mirror house. All the bodies are like the mirrors and your own true Self is reflected on all sides in the world. The king knew his own Self and, therefore, knew that it was the same Self reflected everywhere. The dog, however, did not know his own self and reacted violently. Ignorant people behave like the dog and say: “That man will eat me up, this man will destroy me.” Oh! How much jealously and fear is there in this world! The king knew it was his own self reflected that is reflected in the mirrors. Therefore, he felt no anger or jealousy. He was glad to see the reflections.
Ignorance is the cause of all differences and demarcations, fear, jealousy and associated sufferings. Ignorance of the Self causes the discriminations such as racial discrimination, religious discrimination, national discrimination, colour discrimination, etc. Realize your Self and you will then see your own Self reflected everywhere. You will then overcome all the barriers in life!
…to be continued
“Value Systems for Success” By M K Angajan
You realize your blessings when you compare yourself with others who are denied the same. Focus on your blessings and not the few things that you lack. Your mind will remain content.

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