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Friday, July 8, 2011


Happy Birthday To New World Publications:

We are very happy to announce that New World has just turned  3years old. There are many respected Readers,writers and supporters who helped,guided and led our New World from her infancy.Mr. Biji Kurian of India has created this Publication. Ever since its birth, Mr. Abraham,G,Mr.Thomas Philip Ranni, SR. Elsie Baby,Mr. Thomas Koovallor,Cynthia Abegail Bernardo,(Australia) Mr. Abbey Philip and many,many writers and friends helped George Kurian to publish stories,Poems,articles and many other features every day.It was not an easy task. No one has taken any type of remuneration for their work and literary contributions.
We are going to have a brand new design for the Publication soon. There will be a Malayalam section added with the English section. Mr. James Abraham has taken over the charge as the Managing Director. He is going to publish the Malayalam section from Kerala. We have some goals for our publication. To help poor children for education,help the sick persons and promote new writers and compliment our writers whatever way we can.We will also review books,support the writers and artists. There are many talented writers and artists and we will promote them always.
There are a number of individuals we are indebted to the progress of our New World Publications. We thank them and pray to GOD ALMIGHTY for showering HIS Blessings upon them.
Thank you all of you and request you to continue to support our beloved New World Publications always.
George Kurian

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