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Thursday, July 7, 2011


The Law Of Profit….

Yoga Yagna – Service of emotions and knowledge
Greater than tapo yagna is Yoga Yagna. Those involved in yoga yagna give out noble feelings, sentiments and knowledge.
They go to orphanages, old age homes and hospitals to talk to people who have no friends and relatives and to provide solace and comfort. This is a far greater service than the previous two services. This is the act of imparting knowledge and feelings without an ‘axe to grind’.
Emotions and knowledge cater to their inner being. It is subtler and more gratifying.
The law is that when your soul is satisfied, your body does not crave. When your mind and intellect is fired with knowledge and inspiration, your material and physical needs are subdued in the joy of higher gratification.
…to be continued
“Value Systems for Success” By M K Angajan

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