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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


( Hope, our respected readers will like this story. Due to space limitation, we have to publish this story in series. Please enjoy the first part.) New World
Story by
George Kurian


Story of Mr. Spencer, the Cat

It’s 7 AM on a Thursday. My day off. A cool breeze sneaks through a crack in my first floor window and into my room attempting to wake me, but this morning I decide to snooze a little longer. So to escape the chill, I pull a sheet up and over my face. Before I can even start dreaming, a shrill voice wakes me up, calling “Grandpa.”I try and open my eyes, but laziness slams them shut again. Now the voice from my right side grows louder, “Grandpa!”Annoyed, I open my eyes and ask, “What?” It’s Mr. Spencer, the cat looking at me. He jumps on my chest and sits with authority.
“What are you doing Mr. Spencer? Don’t you have any other place to sit?”
“But Grandpa, I love the warmth of your body. May I sit here Grandpa . . . please?”
Reluctantly, I answer, “Alright . . . alright . . .” I begin to close my eyes again.
“Grandpa . . . Are you going to sleep again? I really want to tell you something.”
I open one eye as I ask, “What is it Mr. Spencer, you know this is my day to rest?”
“I want to tell you about my adventure. Remember I promised to tell you today. Now we’re alone . . ..”
“You rascal . . . You must have had some adventure running away from home for three days! You don’t know how much you made us worry.”
“Grandpa,” Mr. Spencer pleaded, “everyone is accusing me without any foundation.”
“Okay, okay, go ahead, I’m listening,” I said.
“I heard you and Grandma telling the neighbors I had run away. Anisha and Sephy thought I was lost somewhere. Someone teased that I returned to Newark where I was a stray. Another accused that I didn’t want to be a house cat and that I just wanted to live back on the streets. The truth is that I never became homeless willingly. I always wanted a family. We were five children in a family of seven. Unfortunately, my father was disabled and my mother could not find enough to feed all of us. I was the oldest and I decided to help my mother feed the other family members. Fate changed my course of life. One day while I was digging for food, head first in a dumpster, a vicious bulldog cornered me. I turned and ran down an alley. He kept up with me. And then I came to the end of the alley. I only had one chance to leap up and over a fence to safety. And with all my might, I sprung and grabbed onto the top of the fence. I pulled myself over. You know they say cats have nine lives! On the other side of that fence was a grammar school, where your daughter Anisha teaches. There, some kind people fed me from the school cafeteria. During the afternoon, I slept on the green lawn of the school. Many days of snow and rain made my life miserable. I prayed. I believe if we pray with an open heart, we will get our wish. It happened like a miracle! Anisha decided to adopt me. She and Sephy became my beloved parents. It took time for me to adjust to them and also to you Grandpa. I learned quickly that you had a soft corner for me in your heart. All of you loved me so much and I have always been thankful to you. With such a great life how can I run away from you Grandpa?”
“So, why did you leave the house, Mr. Spencer?”
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