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Friday, October 26, 2012



As we have found in the history,Alexander The Great conquered the whole world. He came even to India and defeated many kings and won almost all the known world in his young age. He became very sick and knew that his end was near. He had instructed his men to make sure that they make two holes on the Casket and put both of his hands outside to show the world that Alexander won the whole world,but he did not take anything with him after his death. Many times, when we read about great men and women,we find one great example. None of them went after wealth or fame. The greatest strength of all of them was that they did not have any money. We came to the Earth with nothing and leaving the Earth with nothing. Whatever we possessed was belonged to somebody else and what we possess now will be gone to someone else,after we are gone. If human beings realize this maxim,and also love is the greatest gift we can impart to one another, we can make our own World a real Heaven.

George Kurian for New World
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(Thanks to George Kurian, Chief Editor of New World for this wonderful story with morale).

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